Dr. Diane Dobb

Primary Specialty
General Medicine | Rehabilitation Medicine

MBChB | MRCP MA (Hons) | MBPsS

Location: Aberdeen

Professional Profile and Experience

Dr Diane Dobb is a highly qualified hospital physician with a specialist interest in neurorehabilitation medicine.  She graduated from the University of Aberdeen in 1997 with a first-class honours degree in Psychology following which she worked at a Brain Injury Vocational Centre, conducting group and individual therapy sessions. She then developed an interest in medicine and graduated from Dundee University Medical School in 2004, before training in rehabilitation medicine.

Dr Dobb is passionate about keeping up to date with medical advances, to provide her patients with the best clinical care. As such, she has always been involved in research, as well as contributing to the medical community through clinician and student education. Dr Dobb is highly regarded in the neurorehabilitation field, and has previously acted as a panellist expert for an British Science Festival event discussing consciousness and locked in syndrome. 

Dr Dobb’s area of interest, rehabilitation medicine, involves the prevention, diagnosis, and management of people with disabling medical conditions.  Dr Dobb’s areas of expertise include neurorehabilitation, complex disabilities and medical conditions, progressive multiple sclerosis, stroke medicine and pain management. 

Dr Dobb firmly believes than an empathic and individualised approach to care enables patients to reach optimal functioning. 

Dr Dobb is available by direct appointment. 

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