Dr. Olga Runcie

Primary Specialty
General Adult Psychiatry

MBChB | PGDip in Sleep Medicine (Oxon) | MSc in Sleep Medicine (Oxon)

Location: Aberdeen

Professional Profile and Experience

Dr Olga Runcie is a highly experienced consultant psychiatrist in General Adult Mental Health with a specialist interest in sleep disorders. 

Dr Runcie graduated from Izhevsk State Medical academy in 1995 and undertook Specialist Training in Psychiatry in Russia, followed by further training in Aberdeen. Dr Runcie took a post as Consultant Psychiatrist for NHS Grampian in 2006 in Royal Cornhill Hospital. Passionate about contributing to medical education, she was appointed Honorary Lecturer for Aberdeen University where she lectures on a wide range of aspects of mental health and on sleep medicine. Between 2015 and 2018 Dr Runcie worked as a Community Consultant Psychiatry in NHS Tayside.  In 2016 she began practicing independently, and now works as a consultant psychiatrist and a sleep specialist at ROC clinic in Aberdeen.

Dr Runcie has a keen interest in Sleep Medicine with a particular focus on interaction between Sleep Disorders and Mental Health.  She successfully completed two year post graduate diploma course (PgDip) in Sleep Medicine with Oxford University in 2018 and then obtained MSc in Sleep Medicine in Sleep Medicine (2019), also in Oxford University (Somerville College). 

Dr Runcie provides consultations for the assessment and treatment of patients suffering from non-respiratory sleep disorders (such as insomnia and circadian rhythms disorders) as well as for depression, anxiety, panic disorder, OCD, Adult ADHD and stress-related disorders.

Dr Runcie can see patients aged 18 and over. Please note that she operates a referral only system, and so you must first see your GP to obtain a referral.

Dr Runcie has clinics on a weekly basis in Aberdeen. Speak to your GP about a referral or contact our booking team for assistance today – Dr Runcie is here to help.

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Telephone: 0207 935 06 06
Email: london@rochealthservices.com

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