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GP Consultations at ROC Private Clinic

GP Consultations

We offer doctor consultations, for people of all ages, starting with new-borns. Appointments may be available on an urgent same-day basis or routine.

Private Healthcare

Well Woman Checks

Our clinic offers thorough Well Woman Checks that include comprehensive health assessments, screenings, and consultations. From preventive care to addressing specific concerns, we're here to support your overall health and empower you with knowledge.

Services at ROC Private Clinic

Well Man Checks

Our Well Man Checks are designed to assess and optimize your health, taking into account factors such as age, lifestyle, and medical history. Our team will provide tailored recommendations and screenings to help you maintain your well-being and address any potential issues.

Cardiology Bespoke consults

Cardiology Bespoke consultations

If you have heart-related concerns, our cardiology services are here to assist you. Our experienced cardiologists offer consultations, diagnostic investigations, and specialized procedures to assess and manage cardiovascular conditions. Rest assured, your heart health is in capable hands.

Travel health

Travel Health

Planning a trip? Our Travel Clinic offers comprehensive services to help you stay healthy while traveling. Our healthcare professionals provide up-to-date travel advice, vaccinations, and preventive measures tailored to your specific destination. Protect yourself and enjoy a worry-free journey.

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Whether you prefer an in-person or video consultation, ROC provides a wide range of services including blood tests, detailed gut analysis, sexual health tests, hormonal tests, full genome mapping, cardiac investigations and many more.

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