Medical Insurance

Paying for your treatment with medical insurance

Medical insurance gives you access to private healthcare in the UK from providers such as ROC Private Clinic and helps cover the cost. This can be anything from private GP appointments to cancer treatment.

At ROC we are registered as a provider by most of the UK Insurers and are continually adding more services and treatments to those that are already approved.


To ensure you are clear about the coverage your insurer provides, you should contact your insurance provider to check that your condition is covered by the policy and if/when you receive treatment that your insurance company will cover all stages of the treatment.


It’s a good idea to contact them prior to each stage of treatment (ie before your first outpatient appointment, ultrasound, x-ray, mammogram or specialist consultant and follow-up care.

You should also check your policy limits on the amount you can claim on certain types of treatment. Also check:

  • Monetary limits for out-patient treatment
  • Restrictions on where you can attend for your treatment

When you attend the hospital for treatment please make sure you bring the following:

  • Medical insurance registration documents
  • Completed claim form/proof of pre-authorisation by medical insurer.