DNA and Genome sequencing

London | Aberdeen

At ROC Clinic we offer genomic testing using the leading market technology offered by New Amsterdam Genomics (NAG).

NAG is the cutting edge of genomic testing, utilising artificial intelligence, and creating an online platform which you and your doctor can access to explore your personal results.

NAG uses peer-reviewed published papers to determine what their software should pick up in DNA and report. NAG currently has 200,000 health-related findings in their database, with that number growing everyday.

The partnership between NAG and our clinical expertise offers individuals with the opportunity to:

  • Identify medical conditions that they are at higher risk from
  • Optimise their health based on their risk profiles
  • Receive personalised exercise and dietary requirements
  • Learn more about their ancestry

Decoding your DNA can enable you and your doctor to optimise your health on a deeply scientific level. This information can help prevent and mitigate future health risks, select the best medication for you and optimise your diet & exercise.

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