Fees – London

If you are looking for any fees not listed in this section, do get in touch.

We accept most UK and international healthcare insurers.

Please note: A standard GP appointment is for up to 30 minutes; should the consultation exceed this, the fee will increase in 15 min charge increments in line with our advertised fees. Any procedures, tests or investigations required will be charged separately. Costs will vary in line with what is required, and a quote can be obtained at the appointment. We may be also be able to offer an estimate prior to the consultation.

GP Consultations

You will be advised when booking of the fee for your consultation. These may vary from doctor to doctor.

We advise you to book 45 minutes for your first attendance, however a shorter consultation may be sufficient in certain circumstances.

15 Min: £160
30 Min: £225
45 Min: £319
60 Min: £418
Follow up with results and interpretation (telephone or email): from £65

Children Services

Routine and urgent GP consultations: As above
Blood tests: from £91

Well Woman Checks

Our Well Woman Checks are structured on 3 levels:
Silver, Gold and Platinum
Packages start at £578
Please contact the clinic for full details.

Well Man Checks

Our Well Man Checks are structured on 3 levels:
Silver, Gold and Platinum
Packages start at £541 
Please contact us for full details.

Well Person Checks

Our Well Person Checks are available for individuals who do not feel that Well Man or Well Woman Checks meet their needs. Prices will depend on services required.
Please contact the clinic for full details.

Sexual Health Checks

A 15-min GP Consultation fee usually applies in addition to tests. Fees will vary according to tests required, based on history and exposure. Please contact the clinic for more details.
As an example, a rapid turnaround testing for Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, HIV and Syphilis is £367.

Allergy Consultations and Tests (adults and children)

Consultation: £225
Skin Prick Testing: £132 adults; £165 children
Venopuncture (drawing blood): £61 adults; £91 children
IgE Blood Tests (different packages available): from £34 per allergen
Patch Testing (3 appointments) plus interpretation of results: £520
Rhinolight Treatment:
8 sessions (over 6 weeks) £440
6 sessions (over 2 weeks) £330
Single sessions £55

Investigations, Procedures and Laboratory Tests Fees

ECG (electrocardiogram) and report: £162
Audiogram and report: £99
Spirometry and report: £109
Urinary Drug Test (10 substances) and report: from £143
Venopuncture (drawing blood): £61 adults; £91 children
Gynaecological Procedure Fee: from £79
Body Composition Analysis and detailed report: £103

We have an extensive resource of laboratory investigations, being blood tests, urine, stool, skin etc. Please contact us for the fees for any specific tests you may be looking for.

Travel Clinic and Immunisations

Travel Consultation (Adult and Child): from £103
Hepatitis A: from £79
Hepatitis B: from £79
Diphteria, Tetanus, Polio: from £73
Hepatitis A & B combined: from £103
Meningitis ACWY: £103
Typhoid: £67
Yellow Fever: £115
Tick Borne Encephalitis: £103 (Adult), £146 (Child)
Hepatitis A & Typhoid: from £119
Rabies: £103
Japanese Encephalitis: £158
Whooping Cough: £152 (Variable depending on brand available)
Influenza: £33

Other Vaccines

Shingles (Shingrix, 2 Shots): from £688 (registered patients) / from £688(unregistered patients, inc. consultation)
HPV Gardasil 9: £236
Varicella: from £97
Meningitis B: £188
MMR: £134

If you are looking for a specific vaccine not listed above, please enquire at the time of booking. Childhood Immunisation Scheduling incurs a consultation charge.

Cardiology Consultations (Dr Aseem Malhotra)

Consultations are carried out in person, or via Skype.
First Consultation (up to 60 minutes, inclusive of report): from £550
Follow up: from £330

Administrative Charges

Letters, Reports, Referrals, Repeat Prescriptions from £41