Fees – London

If you are looking for any fees not listed in this section, do get in touch.

Please contact vipsupport@rochealthservices.com for information on this membership.

We offer family doctor consultations, for people of all ages, starting with new-borns.

Appointments may be available on an urgent same day basis or routine.

Appointments are available in person as well as via video.

For your first attendance a longer appointment may be required.

  • Up to 30 Min Consultation: £225

Follow up with results and interpretation (telephone or email): from £65

Our Well Woman Checks are structured on 3 levels: Silver, Gold and Platinum and may include gynaecological and breast examinations, smear tests, blood tests, ultrasound scanning, cardiovascular investigations, 3D mammography etc.

Packages start at £607.00

Please contact the clinic for full details.

Our Well Man Checks are structured on 3 levels: Silver, Gold and Platinum and may include prostate and testicular examination, cardiovascular assessments, testosterone assessments, scanning and may more.

Packages start at £568.

Please contact the clinic for full details.

Our sexual health checks are carried out by our GPs.



A 15- or 30-min Consultation fee usually applies in addition to tests.



Investigations Fees will vary according to tests required based on history and exposure. Please contact the clinic for more details. As an example, rapid turnaround testing for Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, HIV and Syphilis is £136.50.

  • Mental Health GP Consultation – £210.00 (up to 45 min) via video
  • Counselling, Psychotherapy, Psychologists – Contact clinic for fees

We offer bespoke consultations in person or via video. Please submit in advance any medical information you wish to bring to the doctor’s attention. Consultation fees are inclusive of report.

  • Consultations (Initial) up to 60min: £550
  • Consultations (Follow up) up to 30 min: £330

The list below is not a comprehensive list. Please contact the clinic for any tests not listed. All tests and investigations must be requested by one of ROC’s clinicians or may be requested by your own doctor.


  • ECG (electrocardiogram) and report: £162
  • Audiogram and report: £99
  • Spirometry and report: £109
  • Venopuncture (drawing blood): £61 adults; £91 children
  • Gynaecological Procedure Fee: from £79
  • Body Composition Analysis and detailed report: £103
  • Rhinolight (Allergy) Treatment:
    • 8 sessions (over 6 weeks)£440
    • 6 sessions (over 2 weeks)£330
    • Single sessions £55


We have an extensive resource of laboratory investigations, being blood tests, urine, stool, skin etc. Please contact us for the fees for any specific tests you may be looking for.


Most results are available same day or next day.

Travel consultations are carried out by nurses or doctors.


  • Travel Consultation (Adult or Child) from £103
  • We can administer most vaccines whether for travel or routine immunisations, inclusive of Yellow Fever and Childhood Immunisations.
  • Certain vaccines may not be held in stock routinely. Please enquire at booking, of fees applicable and availability of stock.
  • Letters, Reports, Referrals, Repeat Prescriptions from £58

We do not accept cash payments. We are committed to providing our patients with a safe, secure, and efficient payment experience.


Fees may vary for the same service as clinicians may have different fees.


The below is not an exhaustive list. Please book online or get in touch for further information.

If you are looking for a package price not listed here, please get in touch and a member of our team will be able to issue you with a quotation.


IMPORTANT NOTICE. The fees listed on this page are applicable to self-payers only.

We accept most UK and international healthcare insurers.