Body composition

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At ROC we offer health optimisation and wellbeing services, we understand the impact your health can have on your life. Whether you are looking to lose weight, train for an event, manage your health conditions, or just improve your wellbeing, a body composition analysis can provide useful information.

Body Composition Analysis is a radiation-free and non-invasive method of assessing your body composition. This investigation uses bioelectrical impedance measurement to calculate what percentage of your total body mass is made up by different tissues such as fat and muscle.

The test takes 5 minutes. We will attach several stickers to different patches of skin, then connect these to electrodes. Impulses which you will not be able to feel will be transmitted through the electrodes. The time these signals take to pass from electrode to electrode will be used to calculate your body composition, and provide information on the following:

  • Body Fat Percentage and Fat Weight
  • Muscle Mass Percentage and Lean Weight
  • Water percentage and Water Weight
  • Dry Lean Weight
  • Basic Metabolic Rate
  • Ideal body weight and distribution

You may wish to have body composition analysis for many reasons, including:

  • Weight loss and monitoring
  • Health Optimisation
  • Monitoring in nutritional and fitness management
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Gut Health Management