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At ROC Clinics, we have been conducting Well Man Checks since 2010. Our patients return year on year, recognising the value of our health screening packages delivered by the highest of calibre doctors.

Our comprehensive packages address all your physical and emotional concerns, including cardiovascular health, nutrition and gut health, contraception and sexual health, and stress. From this assessment we can offer health optimisation personalised to you.

Our Well Man packages are continuously reviewed and updated to ensure the best screening tests are included to ensure the best outcomes for our patients.

Our Well Man Checks can further be adjusted to meet your needs and our doctors will discuss with you the best investigations you may wish to proceed with in order to address a particular need.

Why Have a Well Man Check?

The aim of a Well Man Check is to improve general wellbeing, address any medical issues, detect early abnormalities that may require intervention and promote positive lifestyle changes.

A Well Man check should be on every man’s agenda and is recommended on an annual basis.

What does a Well Man Check at ROC include?

At ROC we have several packages that will suit different age groups, different needs and requirements and different budgets. You will be given details of all these packages upon enquiring.

Upon attending, one of our doctors will talk to you about all your concerns no matter how insignificant you believe to be.

A thorough history will be followed by an examination and blood tests or urine tests as necessary.
Prostate and testicular checks are included in most cases; a testosterone deficiency assessment may be recommended.
An in-depth body composition analysis, cardiovascular assessment, gut health and nutritional assessment are also available.

Why Book a Well Man Check at ROC?

  • Top UK Doctors listed in Spears500
  • Bespoke Assessment
  • Thorough feedback and action plan
  • Top Value for the investment
  • Integrative Approach
  • Detailed Body Composition Analysis
  • Latest PSA tests – detailed fractions highly sensitive
  • Testosterone Deficiency Assessments
  • Cardiovascular and Nutritional Advice
  • Reduced anxiety and stress
  • COVID-19 Screening offered to all attending the clinic

Erectile Dysfunction

We feel that erectile dysfunction (ED) is often overlooked at GP consultations. At ROC we understand the impact it can have on wellbeing, and are here to provide support.

With our clinician experience, and commitment to improving patient wellbeing, we have been running a successful ED clinic since 2018. Our clinic’s aim is to provide personalised and holistic solutions to ED.

Priding ourselves in offering the most efficient evidence-based treatments, we offer Morenova Low Intensity Shock wave therapy at our Aberdeen clinic, as a treatment option for vascular causes.

Would this Appointment be for you?

Many individuals will be affected by ED (also called impotence) on at least one occasion in their lives.

Erectile Dysfunction becomes more common with age. Approximately half of affected individuals are affected aged 40-70, rising to two-thirds of individuals over 70. Common causes of erectile dysfunction include stress, fatigue and excess alcohol, but often there may be other contributing factors.

The inability to obtain or sustain an erection can have devastating effects on an individual’s quality of life, but at ROC we are committed to excellent patient care, and our experienced clinicians can help.

Unsure? Contact us and we can talk through any concerns or questions you may have.

What to expect at your first appointment?

We recommend that you attend before 11am, and having fasted if possible as blood tests may be required. If you have undertaken investigations elsewhere, or you are currently undertaking treatment please bring details along.

Prior to the appointment you will be asked to compete several questionnaires; these aim to assess your condition in detail. A doctor will be taking a thorough history, followed by examination. Tests may be recommended including testosterone, diabetes check, lipids. Occasionally a scan may be recommended.

You will be required to return to discuss the results and develop a tailored treatment plan.

What is Low Shock Intensity Treatment / MoreNova?

Speak to one of our GPs about Low Shock Intensity Treatment. This treatment works by using low intensity shockwaves to restore penile blood flow and improve sexual function.

Why Book an ED appointment at ROC?

  • Rapid Access
  • Top Expertise
  • Discreet Service
  • Medication-free Solution available
  • Holistic Approach
  • Testosterone Deficiency Assessment
  • Improved sense of wellbeing
  • Cardiovascular Risk Evaluation

Testosterone Deficiency

ROC Private Clinic was amongst the first UK clinics to assess and treat testosterone deficiency. We are open minded, we listen, and we deliver you personalised treatments in line with the latest guidelines and evidence.

Our approach is integrative – we will look at all your needs being emotional, physical, nutritional and social. Our doctors are highly experienced in dealing with patients who are experiencing symptoms of testosterone deficiency.
Call us today, to see someone who can help.

How can ROC help?

In our clinics we aim to identify the causes that have resulted in your low male hormone levels, to replenish testosterone levels to their normal range, and to improve associated symptoms including erectile dysfunction, poor sex drive and low energy levels.

What to expect when attending?

Our doctors will take a detailed confidential medical history, perform a comprehensive physical exam and take blood samples measuring optimal testosterone levels. Testosterone levels are best checked fasting, between the hours of 7-11am.
If low testosterone is identified, we will then create a bespoke management plan for you which may include:

  • Investigations to determine the cause of low testosterone.
  • Advanced blood (hormone or genetic) testing, MRI imaging or semen analysis.
  • Advice on healthier lifestyle alternatives.
  • Testosterone Replacement Therapy a.k.a. ‘Male Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)’ which can be administered via a gel, a skin patch or simple muscle injection

Low testosterone levels are treatable, and treatment can result in real positive impact on patients and their lives.

Why is testosterone important?

Testosterone is the most important androgen (male sex hormone) in men. Not only does it regulate sperm production, testosterone drives both mental and physical energy levels, maintains muscle and bone mass and determines both libido and sexual performance.

What is the andropause?

Also known as the ‘male menopause’, ‘age-related hypogonadism’, ‘androgen deficiency’ and ‘testosterone deficiency syndrome’, the andropause refers to a collection of age-related changes in male hormone levels, including:

  • Low mood and irritability
  • Poor concentration
  • Low energy or stamina
  • Increased body fat
  • Reduced muscle strength
  • Decreased libido (sex drive)
  • Breast development
  • Reduced beard or hair growth
  • Difficulty in getting and/ or maintaining erections

Why Book a Testosterone Deficiency assessment at ROC?

  • Rapid Access
  • Highly trained and Experienced Doctors
  • 24 hours turnaround for Testosterone levels
  • Treatment solutions administered on site
  • Comprehensive Follow Up Plans
  • Improved sense of wellbeing
  • Improved sexual performance
  • Reduced anxiety and stress
  • Safe Treatment Delivery

Check out our testimonials

It’s always a pleasant experience attending the clinic. From the warm welcome at reception to the superior care I receive from the clinical team. There is always time to ask questions. I would highly recommend the clinic to others.
I was seen within 24 hours of calling. The doctor was fantastic with the consultation, the examination and his comforting expertise. I saw who I needed to see all within the hour. I went home with a sound mind on the issue. Thank you so much!
N.M, 2023
The service in ROC Private Clinic is always top-notch. The clinic is very neat and the service is excellent. From the reception desk to the doctors who are very knowledgeable and friendly.