At ROC we support medical training and work together with the University of Aberdeen in providing educational opportunities.  We have students attend the clinic for training and may ask them to participate in patient experiences. 

We are currently recruiting for the following roles.

Please contact for more information and a copy of your CV:

Role Location Position
 General Practitioner   Aberdeen/ London  Full Time/Part Time

Clinical Advisory Roles (various specialities) – part time


ROC Private Clinic has made provisions for funding to support a model of clinician-led integration and transformation across clinical services, research and development.

Each speciality has a budget that includes funding to support this model, recognising that clinicians are working within very busy and increasingly pressured NHS job plans. The Speciality Specific Clinical Adviser will work closely with the Medical Advisory Committee (MAC) as well as Commercial and Operational teams.

As the clinical services develop a range of clinical leadership and management roles to facilitate multidisciplinary-team integration, will be identified, and these are outlined below;

  • Speciality Specific Clinical Lead, working with ROC’s clinical and management team
    to provide and channel clinical expertise, engaging with internal and external
  • Sub-specialty Working Group Lead, leading on specific priorities identified by each
    specialty and providing a channel for sub-specialty expertise and input to ROC
  • Roles specific to individual projects

Individual Requirements:

  1. Leadership Ability
  2. Breadth of clinical experience
  3. Excellent communication skills
  4. Evidence of working in multi-disciplinary teams
  5. Experience in service development
  6. Understanding of how to ensure their speciality develops within ROC’s vision

For these Clinical Advisory roles, initially please email us with an expression of interest to