Corporate Health

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Together with our sister company, ROC Health Services, we offer comprehensive solutions to meet all occupational and corporate health requirements.

With considerable experience across many industries, particularly the energy, entertainment and corproate sectors, our in-house clinicians can provide you with clear and actionable help, support and resources to guarantee legal compliance and maximize the wellbeing of your workforce. Our doctors are trained in Occupational Health and a programme of internal mentorship and guidance ensures the quality of our services remains of the highest standards.

For individuals, our service is prompt and of the highest calibre. We maintain confidentiality throughout and ensure you get the paperwork ready in time for your next destination, job role, or whatever challenge comes next.

What Occupational Health services are available at ROC?

ROC Health Services works alongside ROC Private Clinic and offers additional services, including:

  • COVID-19 testing
  • Corporate Health Policy Development
  • Offshore Medicals
  • Pre-placement Health Screening
  • Pre-employment Medicals
  • Health Surveillance
  • Case Management
  • Visa Medicals
  • Ill Health Retirement Assessments
  • Travel Health Risk Planning
  • Driver Medicals (HGV, PSV and DVLA tests)

If you’d like more information on corporate services for your company, visit our ROC Health Services website.

What do you require for the Appointment?

In most cases a photo ID and specific requirements of your medical are needed. In some cases, a referral from employer is necessary.
Our team shall advise you on booking about the specifics of your appointment and if there is anything you need to bring along.

When are your results available?

In most cases results are available as soon as an appointment has taken place.
Depending on your requirements, some reports or certifications may not be available until all your laboratory work has been processed and results available.

Why Book an Occupational Health appointment at ROC?

  • Same Day Appointments
  • Top Expertise
  • Same Day Certifications
  • Occupational Health Experience
  • Excellent administration support
  • Highly competitive Prices
  • COVID-19 Screening offered to all attending the clinic