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Fatigue – a 21st century condition with an ancient solution?

Having explored conventional approaches for many years with limited success, ROC Clinic takes an integrative approach to fatigue management, focusing on gut health, gut microbiome and nutrition.

Hippocrates once said “All disease begins in the gut”, and although countless advances have been made in the medical world since the time of Hippocrates, the rationale behind this point still stands.

Although our clinicians will never lose sight of conventional medical assessment and management, when standard diagnoses are excluded, an integrative functional approach may give the results you are looking for. Our wider team of mental health, wellbeing and alternative therapies clinicians may also support your healing process.

What to expect from a fatigue consultation at ROC?

A detailed history with a doctor is key to choosing the correct investigations and managing your condition. We recommend that you make a list with all the symptoms and concerns you have prior to attending, as patients with Fatigue often forget several and sometimes important symptoms. An examination will be carried out by the doctor. This information will then be used to identify the next steps of assessment and treatment, and options will be discussed with you. If you have undertaken any tests elsewhere, we also recommend that you bring any correspondence along.

What investigations should I expect?

Depending on your history and examination, as well as previous investigations a wide variety of investigations may be recommended such as:

  • Detailed bloodwork including blood count, kidney and liver function checks, and a diabetes screen
  • Hormonal tests
  • Allergy testing
  • Stool analysis for infection, inflammation, and blood
  • Gut microbiome analysis
  • Comprehensive nutritional analysis

There are many more investigations not listed here that we offer, that our doctors may feel you would benefit from. If you have specific concerns or want to discuss a specific test please do get in touch.

What treatment may I expect at ROC?

Our approach is integrative, therefore it is likely that we may suggest several modalities for managing your conditions.

Treatment will also depend on the outcome of your results but it is likely that we will look at lifestyle, diet and nutrition (from food selection to timings and chewing) to sleep, stress, exercise and required supplements if needed.   

We pride ourselves in our tailored patient-centred approach and patients will therefore be provided with the best personalised treatment for them.

Why Book an Appointment At ROC?

  • Personalised assessment and management
  • Improved sense of wellbeing
  • Top traditional and integrative expertise
  • Comprehensive analysis of your health 

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It’s always a pleasant experience attending the clinic. From the warm welcome at reception to the superior care I receive from the clinical team. There is always time to ask questions. I would highly recommend the clinic to others.
I was seen within 24 hours of calling. The doctor was fantastic with the consultation, the examination and his comforting expertise. I saw who I needed to see all within the hour. I went home with a sound mind on the issue. Thank you so much!
N.M, 2023
The service in ROC Private Clinic is always top-notch. The clinic is very neat and the service is excellent. From the reception desk to the doctors who are very knowledgeable and friendly.