Cardiac investigations

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ROC private clinic offers ECG investigations, 24 hours blood pressure monitoring, Echocardiograghy and 14 day cardiac monitoring.

Cardiovascular Health has been at the centre of ROC Clinic for a very long time, and we are very proud to say that we have now opened an Echocardiography assessment clinic at Aberdeen ROC Clinic lead by Mrs Janaki Srinvasan.

Echocardiography or simply ‘Echo’ is an investigation that uses ultrasound and high frequency sound waves to produce moving images of the heart on a digital screen. It is a painless test with no side effects. The images that have been recorded using Echo, provide our consultants and sonographers with information about the heart, such as its size and how well it pumps. It also can detect if the heart valves are working properly.

The Echocardiography assessment takes approximately 15-30 minutes to complete. During this time, a technician will apply patches, called electrodes to your chest and legs which are used to measure your heart rate. Subsequently, a clear gel will be applied to your chest which helps to transmit the sound waves to a probe. The sonographer then applies the probe and moves it back and forth on your chest to visualize the heart and its movements on the scan. The results are then sent to our specialists and consultants for analysis and shared with yourself.

Why book an Echocardiography assessment at ROC?

  • Rapid access
  • One stop assessment
  • Personalised assessments
  • Top, international recognized expertise
  • Same day investigations and blood tests
  • Peace of mind
  • COVID-19 Screening offered to all attending the clinic
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