Well Person Checks

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Well Person Checks

At ROC Clinics, we have been conducting wellbeing checks since 2010. Our patients return year on year, recognising the value of our health screening packages delivered by the highest of calibre doctors.

At ROC Private Clinic, we understand the importance of offering individualised care, and always strive to ensure that all individuals feel welcome at our clinics.  We offer Well WomanWell Man and Well Person checks to cater to all our patients’ needs.

Our health checks can address all your physical and emotional concerns and are tailored to address each patient’s individual concerns. Health checks may include:

  • Cardiovascular health assessment and management
  • Gut health assessment and management
  • Nutritional assessment and optimisation
  • Sexual health/Contraception counselling
  • Routine breast examination
  • Routine prostate examination and bloods
  • Body composition analysis
  • Gynaecological examination +/- smears etc
  • Menopause counselling
  • Testosterone deficiency counselling
  • Erectile dysfunction counselling

Our consultation and assessment can be adjusted to meet your needs and our doctors will discuss with you the best investigations you may wish to proceed with to address a particular need. From our assessment we can offer health optimisation personalised to you. We have comprehensive Well Woman and Well Man packages. If you feel these would address your health needs and would like more information visit the pages or get in touch with our friendly administrative team.

Why Have a Wellbeing Check?

The aim of a Well Woman, Well Man or Well Person check is to improve general wellbeing, address any medical issues, detect early abnormalities that may require intervention and promote positive lifestyle changes.

A Wellbeing check should be on every person’s agenda, and is recommended on annual basis.

COVID-19 Screening is offered to all attending the clinic.