ROC Private Clinic is expanding to bring you an even larger range of specialist services and investigations. Our x-ray service is available as part of our developing radiology department at our Westhill premise.

X-rays are widely recognised as a vital diagnostic examination that can allow a clinician to reach a diagnosis without the requirement for more expensive, lengthy, and potentially invasive tests.

ROC clinic has significantly expanded it’s imaging department and now has a dedicated x-ray room that allows us to offer a wide range of radiographic services including orthopaedic and chest imaging using the latest digital radiography equipment with advanced technology resulting in faster, high quality image acquisition.

Prior to your appointment

On receipt of your referral our experienced Radiology staff will check the referral to ensure that the examination requested is appropriate. This is done to ensure that patients have the correct imaging performed to aid their diagnosis and that no patient receives an unnecessary radiation dose.

You will then be contacted to arrange an appointment at a time that is convenient to you. If you are required to bring any documentation you will be informed of this. You will also be asked your preferred method of communication and a reminder of your appointment will be sent to you using this method.

If the x-ray is part of a more extensive health check you will be given details regarding this.

If you don’t have a pre-booked appointment and are attending the clinic on the day of your x-ray you may be required to take a referral form from your clinician or healthcare professional with you. .

You may also be sent to the Imaging Department by one of our specialist clinicians or GPs as part of your consultation.

On arrival

On arrival at ROC Clinic, please check-in at Reception on the Ground Floor. You will then be directed to our Imaging Department where you will be met by one of our radiography team. There are changing rooms available for patients who may be required to change into one of our gowns for their examination or who have valuables that they may wish to store securely. The radiographer will explain the examination and give you an opportunity to discuss any queries or concerns you may have regarding this.

 During the appointment

Depending on what part of your body is being x-rayed, it may be necessary to change into one of our gowns. You may also be asked to remove any metallic objects or clothing/footwear from the area being imaged. This is to ensure we obtain a high quality, diagnostic image.

You may be required to sit, stand, or lie for your exam but the radiographer will explain what is required and ensure you understand and are comfortable at each stage. It may be necessary to take images from different angles either by moving the equipment or the part of the body being examined, such as your wrist or ankle. The examination will generally take less than 10 minutes.

As ROC has a digital radiography system, the radiographer wil be able to check that the images are of a diagnostic quality prior to you leaving the x ray room.

Following your Exam

If your x-ray examination was done either as part of a more extensive health check or a consultation with one of our clinicians, you may be required to return to our clinic reception following your exam.

More commonly the radiographer will inform you that you are free to leave and will advise on the procedure for obtaining the results of your x-ray.

A Consultant Radiologist will produce a clinical diagnostic report of your images and this will be sent to your referring clinician.

Your clinician will then contact you to discuss the results.

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