What people are saying about ROC

"When I started to think about trying to conceive, I didn’t envisage that my journey might have a few more bumps and twists in the road than I first imagined. However, going through this with the support of the team at ROC Private Clinic has made me feel very reassured. The understanding, support and expertise offered by ROC is excellent and I would truly recommend anyone with any concern, or even just a question about their own fertility or women’s health, to visit ROC in Aberdeen."
Anonymous, July 2023
"From the moment I reached out to ROC Private Clinic in Aberdeen, I was so warmly welcomed. When you have any worry about your health, no matter how big or small, you want to know you are in safe hands. You are definitely in safe hands at ROC. I was seen very quickly, and the team’s expertise, empathy and support really put me at ease. They helped me to understand everything and always provided solutions. I couldn’t recommend ROC more."
Anonymous, June 2023
"I cannot thank Dr. Romete enough for the time, care, knowledge and understanding she showed me and my partner throughout our journey with ROC. She is an incredibly talented Doctor and it is clear to see why she has been recognised twice as Top UK Doctor. Dr Romete helped me to fully understand all the medical information presented to me and I feel very fortunate to have been a patient in her care."
Anonymous, June 2023
"The staff were very helpful and looked after me well."
BN, March 2023
"I just wanted to comment on the brilliant experience I had with Dr Whiteside. She was very professional and thorough yet had a warm and approachable manner. Her knowledge on the menopause helped me to understand things when I was completely lost and she promptly helped me figure out a way forward. She has been wonderful to deal with and I would highly recommend her."
GV, March 2023
"I was seen with 24 hours of calling. The doctor was fantastic with the consult, the examination and his comforting expertise. Seen who I needed to see all within the hour. I went home with a sound mind on the issue. Thank you so much."
NM, February 2023
"Attended the one stop breast clinic in Aberdeen and couldn’t believe the speed of the consultation and treatment. Everything was thoroughly investigated and I left feeling very reassured. The staff were wonderful in all areas - thank you!"
HB, January 2023
"As a retired GP, with my wife, were very impressed with the care given by all the staff, especially Dr (Mr) Mustafa. It saved endless waiting on the NHS."
DC, January 2023
"I was after some specific services and knew exactly what I wanted. I had no problem booking an appointment, rescheduling it, and dealt with a doctor who took the time to listen, provide costed options for what I wanted, and competently performed the tasks required to fulfil those requests. Also advised where they couldn't provide guidance, which was entirely appropriate in the circumstance."
SW, August 2022
"I did blood exams and took vaccines in the clinic. I have been there 3 times in total, and I was always treated cordially by the staff. I was quickly attended to, and the results came in a reasonable time."
PD, June 2022
"I was given an appointment on same day I called and received a professional and friendly service. A very different experience, highly recommend”
SF, May 2022
"Fantastic service from start to finish. A lovely clean clinic with very friendly staff, would 100% recommend.”
RD, April 2022
“Having used the clinic since 2018 for our family annual health checks, I feel I have a good relationship with the specialist GP’s, attentive admin staff, and competent nurses here. It’s important to me that I am proactive with my health, and I believe the clinic has the same approach.

I have been excited to see the clinic expanding over the past few years, and in particular bringing much needed services to Aberdeen such as breast screening.

The ROC annual health checks have alerted our family to two cancer diagnoses. There were no symptoms, but treatable cancers found years before being eligible for NHS screening, and all for the same price as a gym membership.

On both occasions, the staff at ROC explained our situation in full, made time to answer questions, and put us in touch with the teams we needed to deal with to be cancer free. Throughout the course of our treatments, we had regular check ins with ROC, even calls from hospital beds!

During the pandemic, our family relied heavily on the GP's at ROC to deal with general health issues, particularly with our children.

Being able to see a GP and have time to talk over worries is now unfortunately a privilege denied to many. I'm incredibly grateful to ROC for their help and support during some challenging times.

I would not hesitate to recommend the clinic to your family, and in particular, the annual health check.’”
SL, March 2022
“I recently completed a course of Rhinolight as I suffer from allergic rhinitis, in particular with certain pollen and house dust mites. My symptoms were fairly severe, with sneezing fits, a constantly runny nose and night-time congestion that hampered my sleep.Whilst the impact of the treatment wasn’t instantly noticeable (I didn’t have a ‘eureka’ moment), now that the course is over it’s clear that it’s made a massive difference to my day to day existence. I no longer need packets of tissues with me wherever I go, and I am sleeping through the night!I really wish more people knew about Rhinolight as I genuinely believe it can be a gamechanger for those who suffer from allergies.”
RM, February 2022
“I can only thank you for your prompt responses to my results and the way you went about your work. Very professional and have recommended the [health check] to all of my friends/colleagues. Best money I have ever spent to be honest.”
AB, January 2022