Covid Testing

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We offer four different types of Covid19 testing.

The tests can be broadly divided into two categories: tests that look for the virus (PCR and antigen tests) and tests that look for an immune response to the virus, suggesting previous infection (laboratory antibody test, and point-of-care antibody test).

Antigen and PCR tests

We offer two types of tests aimed at detecting current Covid19 infection: the PCR test, and the Antigen Rapid Detection Test. These look for presence of the virus in the back of your nose/throat.

PCR Tests

PCR tests are the recommended tests for individuals with Covid19 symptoms, and often are required for travel by many airlines and countries. Due to laboratory restrictions, we are currently only able to offer these tests to essential workers.

In the PCR test, a long cotton wool swab is used to take swabs from the back of your throat and nose. This is then sent to the lab to be tested for the presence of Covid19 genetic material, called RNA. The presence of Covid19 RNA on the swab means that the virus has been found at the back of your throat or nose, although it is important to bear in mind that as with most tests, there may be false results.

Sample collection can occur either through use of one of our self-swab kits, at our drive through facility in Aberdeen, or we can arrange for a healthcare worker to attend your home and take the swab. The swabs are sent offsite to our labs, and results are usually available within 24-72hrs but for specific timings, contact our dedicated Covid19 testing team.

Antigen Tests

Antigen tests are suitable for screening individuals without symptoms.

In the Antigen test a swab is taken from the back of your nose and a testing kit is used onsite to assess for the presence of Covid19 antigens (markers found on the virus particles). A result is available in 15 minutes.

Antibody tests

We offer laboratory antibody tests to individuals and companies, and rapid point-of-care antibody tests to companies. Please contact us directly to discuss your company’s requirements.

Antibodies are made by your body’s immune system when it has been exposed to a virus such as Covid19 and remain in your blood after. Our tests can pick up Covid19 specific antibodies, indicating that you have at some point had Covid19. Please note that a positive result does not indicate immunity to the virus, and you must still adhere to all government advice.

Laboratory Antibody Tests

For our laboratory tests a sample of blood is collected by a healthcare professional and sent to an external lab for processing. This blood is then tested for the presence of antibodies against Covid-19 (specifically IgG). Results are available in approximately 24 hours, but please contact our testing team for specific timings.

Point-of-Care Antibody Tests

For our rapid point of care antibody tests, a fine needle is used to prick the skin on the finger, and a small drop of blood taken. This blood is then tested for the presence of antibodies against Covid-19 (specifically IgG and IgM). These tests are done on-site, and results are available within 10-15 minutes.

For more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our dedicated Covid-19 team at or on 0203 7946929.