Covid Testing fees

We have a range of Covid testing options to suit your business or personal requirements

For those needing tests for travel purposes, we can offer Day 2 & Day 8 Covid-19 mandatory arrival tests

How does the process work?

  • Order the test via telephone or email and we will send two complete PCR collection kits to your preferred address
  • Once your booking is confirmed we will provide a unique passenger locator form which you will need to fill out, alongside your travel to the UK
  • When you receive your package, simply perform your tests on day 2 and day 8 of your quarantine and return the samples to the laboratory via the inclusive Royal Mail 24 service
  • Do not remove any barcodes – the barcode on the tube and box must NOT be peeled off
  • Results will be provided online within 24 hours of receiving your sample at the laboratory
  • From Monday 2 August –  if you are travelling into the UK (except Northern Ireland) from an Amber listed country and you have been double vaccinated outside of the EU or US you need a day 2 & day 8 test. You will also need this if you have not been vaccinated and are travelling from an Amber country
  • Requirements for entry into the UK change, depending on what country you are arriving from and also the tests you will have to take. We will cross reference with you at the time of booking to confirm the appropriate test. You can check the latest Government information by clicking here
  • For Aberdeen in-clinic patients a £25 surcharge will apply if same day results are required. Samples need to be taken before 3pm.

Why use ROC?

  • ROC is a UK Government approved provider for mandatory Day 2 & Day 8 arrival tests
  • Results ready in 24 hours from the lab receiving your sample
  • Highly accurate home COVID PCR test
  • Analysis from a trusted and accredited laboratory

What happens if there is a positive test?

In England the laboratory processing your PCR will inform the relevant NHS track and trace system, which is a statutory obligation. In Scotland you will be asked to repeat a PCR with NHS Scotland.

Day 2 tests only (postal service)

PCR tests provided – £145.84 each

Postage £35

Vat £36.16

Total £217

Day 5 test to release (postal service)

PCR tests provided – £145.84 each

Postage £35

Vat £36.16

Total £217

Tests – Days 2 & 8 (postal service)

2 x PCR tests provided – £208.34

Postage £35

Vat £48.66

Total £292

PCR test in clinic (London/Hull/Aberdeen)

PCR tests provided and administered – £145.83 each

Vat £29.17

Total £175

PCR tests (posted)

PCR tests provided – £125 each

Postage £35

Vat £32

Total £192

How to book

It is easy to reach our team;


Tel +44 (0)1224 515254

or simply fill in the form on this page.