Book Your Well Man Health Assessment

Healthcare simply cannot be one size fits all. At ROC, our health and wellness assessments are tailored towards you!


The aim of a Wellness Assessment is to improve general wellbeing, address any medical issues, detect early abnormalities that may require intervention, and promote positive lifestyle changes. Our health checks can address all your physical and emotional concerns, including, including cardiovascular health, sexual health, nutrition and gut health. From this assessment we can offer health optimisation personalised to you.

At ROC we have several packages that will suit different age groups, different needs and requirements and different budgets. To offer our patients peace of mind, COVID-19 screening is offered to all attending the clinic. A Well Man Health Assessment should be on every man’s agenda and is recommended on annual basis. These checks include:

  • General Health Assessment
  • Testicular Examinations
  • Prostate Exams
  • Cardiovascular Assessments
  • Comprehensive Blood Tests
  • Prostate-Specific Antigen Tests
  • Testosterone Assessments
  • Cancer Markers

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