Breast Screening – Not all mammograms are equal

What is mammography? Mammography has been around for decades and is generally used for three reasons: Screening – This is for people at average risk of breast cancer who undergo routine mammography to find cancers that are not yet symptomatic. Surveillance – This refers to women that are at a high risk of breast cancer […]

Cervical Cancer Screening Update

What’s new in Cervical Cancer Screening! Back in February 2019 we described how the national cervical cancer screening programme was moving away from traditional smear tests to a slightly different method of testing – testing for the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). Following on from this, a self-sampling kit for HPV testing has now become available. […]

Anal Cancer – Presentation, Risk factors and Prevention

Anal Cancer – Presentation, Risk factors and Prevention Symptoms Patients with Anal cancer may exhibit: Bleeding from lower passage. Pain, itch or feeling of fullness in the area of the anus A mass or growth in the anal canal A discharge of mucus from the anus Loss of bowel control Risk factors Several factors have […]

Ovarian cancer – are we any further forward in earlier detection?

Ovarian cancer is the 6th most common female cancer in the UK, with around 7,500 new cases diagnosed each year.  This is equivalent no 20 new cases being diagnosed each day (1). Unfortunately, it is a condition that is often diagnosed late, with only a third of women surviving more than 10 years after their […]

Colorectal Cancer – Choosing the Right Screening Test For You

Colorectal cancer (commonly referred to as ‘bowel cancer’) rates are dropping significantly in the USA (by around 30%)1, however the average rate in the UK has been stable since the 1990s2. What Are the Americans Doing That We Aren’t? The Answer Might Be in Their More Regular Use of Screening. From annual home testing kits […]

Changes to cervical cancer screening a.k.a. the PAP smear test

Lets get back to basics – what is a cervix? This is the neck of the womb that joins with the vagina and looks like a mini donut! The opening in the middle is called the ‘os’ which allows blood to flow out during your period, and sperm to get in when trying to conceive. […]

Testicular Cancer

Which is bigger? I don’t mean to pry, but I’m curious to know whether you know – which is it – left or right? And which hangs lower? Oval-shaped, yes/no? Like mini-rugby balls? But do they hang upright, or lie to one side? Have they changed recently? How well do you really know yourself? Testicles. […]

Routine lung cancer screening for smokers saves lives

Lung cancer is the third most common cancer in the UK and smoking accounts for over 85% of cases.1 Three quarters of those diagnosed with lung cancer will receive the devastating diagnosis at a late stage of their disease, meaning it is harder to treat and unlikely to be cured. The stage of a cancer […]

Moles, Melanoma and Mole Mapping

What are moles? Moles are localised areas in the skin that contain more of the pigment melanin. No one quite knows why we get moles. Dermatologists use the term melanocytic naevi to describe moles. Most moles are round or oval, flat and brown in colour. But when you look closely, there are differences in size, […]

Ovarian Cancer – Ignoring symptoms isn’t an option. Screening is.

Screening for certain female specific cancers may seem routine in the UK where we have regular breast screening for breast cancer and smear tests for cervical cancer, however there is one female cancer that we do not screen for, frequently labelled a silent killer – the ovarian cancer. Ovarian cancer is rare, but is the […]