Dr. Karen Czeloth

Dr. Karen Czeloth

Primary Specialty
Urology | Andrology | Male Fertility


Medical Director Integrative Medicine | Urologist FEBU | Clinical Andrologist EAA | Fellow of the European Committee of Sexual Medicine FECSM


Location: Aberdeen

Professional Profile and Experience

We are pleased to welcome Dr Czeloth to the ROC team, she brings with her a broad range of experience in both clinical research and patient care in the specialities of Urology and Andrology. Considering the bigger picture and looking at holistic approaches is in her nature.  With the ultimate goal of providing a modern individualised health care she is an advocate of integrating digital health technology solutions and multidisciplinary teams. She joins the ROC team as Director of Integrative Medicine and Urology Consultant.

Dr Czeloth graduated in medicine from Christian-Albrechts-University, Kiel, Germany, and completed her post graduate training in Urology at the University Clinic Heidelberg, Germany, and the General Hospital in Kassel, Germany. She then moved to a consultant position at the Marienhospital Marl, Germany, before, driven by her endless curiosity, she took the chance to join one of the most renowned Andrology centres in Europe, the Centre of Reproductive Medicine and Andrology at the University Hospital Muenster where she enjoyed translational work combining clinical and scientific activities. Her next step brought her to Vienna, Austria, where she worked as a consultant Urologist at the University Hospital. Then a scientific scholarship of the European Association of Urology and ReproUnion allowed her to spend a year with another world-renowned team of Andrologists, at the Centre of Growth and Reproduction at the Rigshospitalet, University Hospital Copenhagen, Denmark, looking into epidemiological data analysis and medical entrepreneurship. For private reasons she then moved to the UK but kept on working in consultant positions in various hospitals in Germany gaining knowledge in specific modern and highly specialised treatment options. In 2020 she started working as a consultant Urologist in the UK, at the Royal Surrey County Hospital, Guildford. During the pandemic she dedicated some time to digital health technology setting up an online COVID test project. Currently Dr Czeloth works as a consultant Urologist at NHS Grampian, Aberdeen Royal Infirmary. 

Dr Czeloth is an experienced academic, teacher, speaker at international conferences and member of scientific committees.

Her special interests include, Andrology, men’s health, male fertility, urological microsurgery Paediatric urology, adolescent and transition urology and andrology, functional urology, incontinence, recurrent urinary tract infections, pelvic-pain; translational medicine; prevention; precision medicine; innovation in medicine, integrative medicine and digital health.

Dr Czeloth is always embracing new challenges in medical care and enjoys finding the best outcomes with the least invasive techniques. With a passion in providing high-quality, patient-focused care, Dr Czeloth believes in enabling patients as individuals and puts the patient’s quality of life at the centre of her care.

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