Dr. Catherine Butchart

Dr. Catherine Butchart

Primary Specialty
Consultant Physician (Geriatric Medicine and General Internal Medicine) | Certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician

MBChB | FRCP Edin | Dip Pall Med | Dip IBLM/BSLM

Location: Aberdeen

Professional Profile and Experience

Dr Butchart has extensive expertise as a Consultant Physician since 2011, having joined the NHS in 2003. She received her medical degree with honours from the University of Aberdeen in 2003 and completed her postgraduate training in General Internal Medicine and Geriatric Medicine in the North East of Scotland.

She is dedicated to providing high-quality, person-centred treatment. Dr Butchart feels a wonderful sense of accomplishment and professional satisfaction when she can assist a patient in improving their quality of life. She also gives holistic and integrated care to her patients in order to avoid the frustrations of several specialists’ contrasting or competing approaches.

Dr Butchart enjoys specialising as a “generalist” and is happy to see and assess patients with a wide variety of medical conditions.  However, her areas of particular interest include:

  • Dizzy spells/”funny turns”/blackouts
  • Falls
  • Fatigue
  • Memory problems
  • Lifestyle change and wellbeing (Certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician)

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