Orthopaedic, Bone and Joint Services


The Specialist Orthopaedic Team at ROC Aberdeen – Westhill Clinic is continuously expanding in the context of a supporting State of Art Imaging Department and Outpatient Interventional Facilities.

Our specialist teams at ROC Private Clinic work together to provide assessment, diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of back, bone and joint conditions.

Our GPs and expert consultants can help to get you back on the move, quickly. 

Ultrasound and Xray facilities are available to ensure your orthopaedic consultant has all the information necessary to make a specific diagnosis and therefore tailor a treatment plan to you. MRI facilities are due to be installed later this year.

Visit a consultant’s profile to see details of their expertise and their availability. The team is currently expanding and we are adding new clinicians every week. Contact us to enquire how we can help you. We currently have consultants providing consultations for upper and lower limbs, including foot and ankle. Some of our GPs also have an interest in sports medicine and may be able to help

Why Book an Orthopaedic Consultation at ROC?

  • Hassle free referral and booking
  • Top Expertise
  • Rapid access to investigations
  • Safe and modern environment
  • Covid 19 Screening offered to all attending the clinic

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