My first experience of acupuncture was when my daughter became ill with a post-viral condition at the age of 15 following about of glandular fever.

At a critical point in her schooling, she was permanently tired. She suffered with debilitating migraines and was showing worrying signs of depression.

Not much was known about chronic fatigue at the time. There was little support available and she was beginning to fall behind on her studies. A friend suggested acupuncture, about which I knew nothing, and I ended up taking my daughter along to see someone. This was pretty much as a last resort and I didn’t want her to go down the antidepressant route at such a young age.

I was sceptical. However, after a few weekly sessions, she not only grew in strength but became significantly brighter in herself. Having watched her acupuncturist at work, I was both baffled and curious in equal measure. So, I did some research, stumbled across a local College of Chinese Medicine and went along for an open day to gain some insight. I cornered the Principal and divulged my story. She subsequently invited me to attend an interview, and four years later, in 2001, I was qualified.

Since then, I have continuously studied and worked conscientiously to pioneer and promote acupuncture as a viable adjunct to Western Medicine in the treatment of a whole range of medical conditions, to include: chronic fatigue syndrome/ M.E. anxiety and depression,
stress management, women’s reproductive health, the menopause, digestive disorders, and IBS, and allergies.
I have successfully supported patients in many areas of rehabilitation from strokes to cancer, addictions, and sporting injuries.

I help during periods of major upset or transition in life.

Now in my nineteenth year of full-time Practice, I am still hungry for knowledge and driven to integrate my holistic approach into mainstream medicine.

Honestly, when I get such positive results, it sparks my enthusiasm and my desire for growth.

Chinese Medicine doesn’t just treat the symptoms, it addresses the underlying root causes of illness and disharmony within the body; it is preventative as well as curative and subsequently, has a longer-lasting effect.

But, don’t just take my word for it; I encourage you to experience acupuncture for yourself.

All that’s needed is an open and enquiring mind, and possibly, a little desperation!

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“I met Carys when I was nearly two years into my journey of trying for a baby. Diagnosed with PCOS I was tired, scared, stressed and suffering with anxiety. I had tried everything and turned to acupuncture as a last resort. The moment Carys opened the door I was welcomed with the friendliest smile and warmest heart and i instantly felt like Everything was going to be ok. Carys helped my body to recover from previous trauma and put me in the healthiest position to conceive a baby. She also worked on my mind, helping me to focus and stay positive and calm. I fell pregnant and felt the best I had ever felt, appreciating a very healthy pregnancy and eventually meeting my gorgeous baby girl. Two babies later I am still relying on Carys to help me through life’s daily challenges and not only consider her a genius but a dear friend who I am so thankful for. If you are sitting on the fence and unsure whether to try acupuncture with Carys, just book your appointment and within minutes of meeting her you will know you made the right decision”.

Gemma, February 2020

“Soul surgery is the only way I can describe treatment with Carys. I came to her 7 years ago at a crossroads in my life. Suffering IBS and painful stomach issues which were all related to lack of self belief and confidence. Which wasn’t great due to the fact I’m an actor and part of my job description is confidence. The spiritual side of treatment as well as the physical, is what is needed in equal measure. She lifts your soul, finds your calling and gives you the confidence to fly. Medically speaking I’ve been through the mill a bit and thank God for Carys everyday! I was diagnosed with a large cyst on my ovaries with an op looking likely, until Carys did only one treatment and just like magic- the huge cyst disappeared! Most recently I have been diagnosed with Bell’s palsy, and I honestly couldn’t have got through it without her. I wish everyone had a Carys in their life. Health is the most important thing in life, and if we keep keeping on, our bodies suffer. Joining body and mind to be as one means I now see everything more clearly and realise that soul surgery with Carys is needed by everyone monthly, it’s the only way to feel and look healthy on this planet! To anyone who spends their life serving others, Carys is the pick me up you need”.

Amy, February 2020

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