Coming from California to work and study in London was intimidating at first. Not knowing anyone and taking a leap of faith into the Study Abroad program at my university, I decided that a visit to the UK would enrich my college experience and truly help me understand just how expansive the world really is. The program at my university was filled with people like me, who wanted to explore and immerse themselves in a new cultural environment; yet, there were a lot of barriers to overcome for us. Being in a foreign place and stressing about the potential things that could go wrong were just a few of those, especially because having a health issue would adversely affect our academic and professional ventures.

The program affiliated with my university set me up with an internship at ROC Clinic London, shadowing Dr. Nicola Harrison. Witnessing first-hand the structure of the clinic and working alongside staff to provide patients with quality care has shown me the many things that ROC does to keep its care available to any international student who walks through its doors. Based in Queen Anne Street, London, the clinic has an incredibly accessible location, being walking distance from multiple public transport stations. A sister clinic resides in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Originating in the famous Harley Street, the clinic has an esteemed reputation with patients from all over the world, for numerous reasons. For one, ROC works with multiple international insurance companies to ensure that payments can be settled smoothly and efficiently. You really don’t need the headache of stressing about which clinic to go to, because ROC will most likely be connected to your insurance provider; and if not, the clinic will make its best effort to liaison with them and sort it out. 

Booking an appointment with ROC is also wonderfully easy. You can book an appointment through email or call during business hours, and you’ll always be accommodated – even same-day appointments!

You can always have the assurance of the highest quality of care at ROC. Its clinicians are both efficient and attentive in the ways they provide care and treatment, being highly trained professionals who strive to make your experience the most comfortable and easy as possible, while charging competitive rates. They are also some of the most respected clinicians in London, and provide a variety of clinical services across the health spectrum, including allergy testing, STD testing, psychological therapy, acupuncture and travel vaccinations. See more here. ROC Clinic prides itself of having disabled access to its buildings as well, being one of the most accessible places to have your health needs fulfilled.

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