A recent survey has shown that a large number of parents are very sceptical about giving the flu vaccine to their children.

Fears included:

  • More than 50% think the flu shot can give you the flu
  • A third don’t think the vaccine works
  • A third think the flu vaccine is a conspiracy
  • 28% are worried it can cause autism

Extensive studies have shown the flu vaccine to be safe.

The virus particles in the injection are dead and cannot cause disease. If your child is receiving the intranasal spray as part of the national immunisation programme, it does contain live forms of the flu but these have been weakened to stimulate the immune system and do not cause disease in healthy people.

The flu vaccine has been shown to reduce the chances of catching flu and it does not cause autism.

600 people in the UK will die from flu related complications on average per year. This includes otherwise healthy people but predominantly it affects those that are more vulnerable to disease such as children, pregnant women and older adults.

ROC Private Clinic’s flu vaccine (QIV – the quadrivalent inactivated vaccine injection) is in stock and we are able to take bookings right away.

We recommend getting your flu shot early as it takes up to 2 weeks to gain protection against the flu after being vaccinated.

E-mail or call us to book an appointment.

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