Pharmacogenetics: The Future of Personalised Medicine

What is pharmacogenetics? Different people respond in different ways to medication. There are several factors that affect how an individual responds to a drug, one of which being their genetic makeup. Pharmacogenetics refers to the study of genes in order to predict people’s responses to certain medications. By studying someone’s genes, it’s possible to gain […]

Sequence your genome at RoC – The future of medicine is here

Modern medicine is a wonderful thing. We have treatments and cures for many conditions that decades ago would have seriously harmed us or been fatal. But we all know the saying “prevention is better than cure”. What if there were a way of knowing what conditions you, as an individual, are prone to? Heart disease, […]

Would you decode your DNA to optimize your healthcare?

The genomic revolution is underway. But what does it mean for you? DNA sequencing has transformed how people look after their health: personalized assessments, targeted screening – as you will know from your DNA what health problems you are predisposed to! This is Precision and is 21st Century Medicine. At present, most of the healthcare […]