The Challenges of Menopause and HRT in 2020

We Have Come A Long Way… The use of HRT has had various highs and lows over the 25 years since Dr Johnston started practicing in the menopause field.  Within the last few years, people have felt freer and more able to speaking publicly about menopause. In particular, the celebrities Lorraine Kelly, Andrea MacLean from […]

The Menopause: Getting Your Nutrition Right!

Menopause is characterised by the reduction of oestrogen production in the body, which leads to the ending of the menstrual cycle in women. Some women rejoice at the thought of finally never having a period again, whereas others dread menopause, as the sign of the end of their fertility. In different countries, menopause is perceived […]

The male menopause explained

What Is The Male Menopause? Age related testosterone deficiency and the ‘male menopause’ are conditions that are now receiving significant attention from the media and doctors alike. The term ‘Male Menopause’ refers to the symptoms associated with the gradual reduction in testosterone levels experienced by the ageing man that leads to a testosterone deficiency and […]