Sleep and Mental Health

What is the relationship between sleep and mental health? Sleep accounts for approximately a third of our lives and facilitates very important psychophysiological processes necessary for brain function and good mental health. Decades of research have demonstrated that medicine of sleep disorders and mental disorders are related in numerous ways. Neuroimaging and neurochemistry studies demonstrate […]

Male mental health and Suicide

No-one is born wanting to die1. Unfortunately, the stigma attached to mental health issues remains prohibitively real for men – and ‘young’ men in particular. The figures: Time for some hard-hitting stats: Despite the highest rates of suicide occurring in the over 65’s, suicide is the single biggest killer of men under the age of […]

The Buzz of Mindfulness

The term mindfulness seems to be being mentioned everywhere for the past few years. There is a buzz about this that seems to have taken on an ‘of the moment’ feel. Yet its roots have been around for centuries. While it is in the fashion, as with all ‘fad’ therapies, I think it’s important to […]