Gut Microbiota’s Role in Parkinson’s Disease

Explore the link between gut microbiota and Parkinson’s disease. ROC Private Clinic offers gut analysis for identifying and treating associated conditions.

Winter Health

The temperature has started to drop, and the woolens are being pulled from their summer resting place as the last of the leaves fall from the trees, and Winter creeps in. A time of dark mornings and darker nights, of scraping frost from your windscreen or standing huddled in your wellies and fleecy coat waiting […]

Weight loss and Wellness – Patients and Doctors alike

Healthy weight loss is not just about dieting or special dieting programs. It is about changing your lifestyle and including long-term changes in your daily eating and exercise habits. But what is considered a real goal of weight loss? Obesity comes with multiple health complications and by reducing excess body fat, people are able to […]

Exercise and timing – When is the best time to exercise?

If you ask most experts about the best time to exercise, many of them would say, all exercise is good for you. Exercising at any time of the day is better than never exercising at all. However, recent research has shown that certain times of the day are better for working out than others. This […]

The Buzz of Mindfulness

The term mindfulness seems to be being mentioned everywhere for the past few years. There is a buzz about this that seems to have taken on an ‘of the moment’ feel. Yet its roots have been around for centuries. While it is in the fashion, as with all ‘fad’ therapies, I think it’s important to […]