Is it time for a cardiovascular health check before the second wave?

Is it time for a cardiovascular health check before the second wave? There is now enough evidence that shows measures such as hand-washing, social distancing and wearing masks can lower our risk of catching COVID-19. However, if we are unlucky enough to contract this virus, are there any ways to prepare and optimise our health […]

Making Smart Decisions – Which Heart Screening Tests You Need, And Which Ones Aren’t Worth the Cost

  According to the British Heart Foundation, Heart and Circulatory disease cause 26% of all deaths in UK. Coronary Heart Disease is the most common cause of a heart attack, with one hospital visit every 3 minutes. It is estimated that there are 7 million people in UK (3.5 million men and 3.5 million women) […]

Regular Health Screening – Early Detection Prevents Heartache

Most people do not start a health screening programme in their lives until something happens, a symptom develops, a cancer scare, a heart attack or a friend or relative gets a serious illness or dies. So why do people do not undertake regular health checks, whilst will readily pay for their cars, machinery, equipment to […]

Avoiding Holiday Heart Syndrome this Christmas

A term coined in the late 1970’s, Holiday Heart Syndrome (HHS) refers to a group of conditions that appear to increase and land people in hospital over the Christmas holiday period. Statistically speaking there are more cardiac related deaths around Christmas week than at any other time in the year and although cold weather can […]

How old is your heart? Get Ready for 2018 Lifesaving Changes!

Breakthrough 20 minutes test only at ROC in the UK! ROC Clinic is the first clinic in the UK to make available to its patients a groundbreaking modality of assessing your personal cardiovascular risk. This Is Not Population Care: This Is Individual Care – Your Heart Age Assessed In Less Than 30 Minutes: Non-invasive No […]

Cardiology Checks: Heart Disease is Preventable and Reversible

ROC Private Clinic provides a cardiac health check, specifically designed for those of South Asian origin (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka). This is achieved via a focused strategy of raising awareness of individual risk factors, through a combination of early cardiac screening and education. We also believe it is fundamental to facilitate personalized risk […]