Is it time for a cardiovascular health check before the second wave?

Is it time for a cardiovascular health check before the second wave? There is now enough evidence that shows measures such as hand-washing, social distancing and wearing masks can lower our risk of catching COVID-19. However, if we are unlucky enough to contract this virus, are there any ways to prepare and optimise our health […]

ROC Health: Get ready for new private hospital in Westhill

ROC is proud to announce a major milestone for a start-up healthcare business, whilst celebrating 10 years of success this August. Having been operating in Aberdeen for the past six years, the Westhill based private health clinic has begun its transition from a primarily Outpatient Private GP, Specialist and Occupational Health Centre to a new, […]

Let’s look at our poo! Microbiome as a source of health or misery.

Welcome to the new frontier of medicine. It may surprise you to know that you are made up of more bugs than human cells! We have a 100 trillion bugs living in our gut. This is 10 times more than the number of body cells you have in total. These bugs are referred to as […]

Avoiding Holiday Heart Syndrome this Christmas

A term coined in the late 1970’s, Holiday Heart Syndrome (HHS) refers to a group of conditions that appear to increase and land people in hospital over the Christmas holiday period. Statistically speaking there are more cardiac related deaths around Christmas week than at any other time in the year and although cold weather can […]

A new generation of osteoporosis treatments?

Osteoporosis: an overview Osteoporosis can be simply be considered as “porous” or thin bones, leading to fragility fractures. However fragility fractures can occur in those without osteoporosis and further testing is often indicated. If a fracture has not yet occurred osteoporosis can be medically diagnosed by measuring bone mineral density by DEXA scanning just as […]

Five summer skin care myths

The sun is beginning to make its appearance and the British summer is certainly under way. Before you whip those arms and legs out and inflate the paddling pool, it is worth quickly familiarising yourself with the following myths around staying sun safe. 1. Sun exposure increases the risk of skin cancer – TRUE Over […]

Pain in the gut? It could be fat.

I scan men and women everyday for abdominal ultrasounds. Their doctors refer them because they either have abnormal liver function tests (shown in blood test results) or they are experiencing abdominal pain that may radiate to their back, may keep them up at night or may give them heartburn. What can ultrasound imaging show? Patients […]

New Year, New Fad?

Happy New Year to you all! I hope you have all signed up for that detox, teatox, 30-day body blitz, clean-eating, low-carb, high protein, high-intensity boot camp, weight loss meal plan! And I almost forgot the vow to go vegan for January ‘Veganuary’  being widely advertised at every given opportunity before that New Year, new […]

How old is your heart? Get Ready for 2018 Lifesaving Changes!

Breakthrough 20 minutes test only at ROC in the UK! ROC Clinic is the first clinic in the UK to make available to its patients a groundbreaking modality of assessing your personal cardiovascular risk. This Is Not Population Care: This Is Individual Care – Your Heart Age Assessed In Less Than 30 Minutes: Non-invasive No […]

Adult Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease

What is Hand Foot and Mouth Disease (HFMD)? It is a highly contagious, common childhood infection of the mouth, skin of the hands and feet. It occurs worldwide, but in temperate climates, it is more usual in summer and autumn. What causes it? HFMD is often caused by the group A Coxsackieviruses (particularly A16) or […]