Head Lice, Nits and Head Lice Treatments

What are Head Lice and What are Nits? Head lice are the insects that live in the hair, nits are the empty white sacs where the lice eggs have hatched from which are attached to a hair shaft using a strong glue-like substance making them difficult to remove. A usual outbreak contains about 30 lice […]

Low Breast Cancer Risk in Asian Women – Is It a Myth?

The Personal Cost of Breast Cancer Every one of us has been touched by cancer, whether this has been through a personal experience or that of someone close to us. After lung cancer, breast cancer is the most common form of cancer globally, overwhelmingly affecting women, though a small number of men also get breast […]

Postnatal Depression

3 months after giving birth is considered the riskiest time to develop symptoms of Postnatal Depression, although women may develop symptoms during pregnancy or within the first 2-4 weeks after giving birth. Several factors increase the risk of a mum to develop Postnatal Depression, such as: If you have a past history depression, the pressures […]


Chickenpox is a highly infectious disease mainly of children under 10 years old, though it may occur at any age. The virus called Varicella Zoster causes it. Chickenpox outbreaks often follow a seasonal pattern with the most common months being from March to May. It is characterized by a temperature and a rash of red […]

Prep HIV: Pre Exposure Prophylaxis for HIV Negative Patients

If you are a gay man in London, you are likely to have heard about PrEP and the widespread use as pre-exposure prophylaxis for HIV in the USA. With the results of the PROUD study due out early next year, we are now happy to offer PrEP in our clinic.   The 26th annual World […]

Oil Fish And Omega 3- Right amount?

As people are becoming more and more health conscious, nutrition and supplementation are often topics that come up during GP consultations. “So what about oil fish – how much and how often?” they will ask. Well, for a start, fish is a good source of protein and, relative to other protein foods such as red […]

A GP’s experience of Laser Eye Surgery

Don’t get me wrong – I really loved my glasses, especially as it took me about 15 years to find the perfect pair. But it was the hassle factor I didn’t like e.g. going to the gym – do I waste a pair of contact lenses for only an hour’s use or sweat it out […]

How can a patient ensure that their private doctors provide an impartial service?

Following various takeovers of smaller independent providers by large healthcare providers and the Competition Commission’s reports issued April 2014, it seems independent Harley Street doctors are closing ranks. The Independent Medical Group is a newly formed private doctor organization that aims to provide just the reassurance a patient needs. Watch this space!