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By Dr Stuart McMain

What a difference a year makes!

Our world has been turned upside down and no more so than in health care, where traditional methods of access to care have changed so much.

The reality of the “new normal” now includes e-mail,  video and telephone consultations, and getting the face-to-face contact of “old style general practice” which many still crave for, can be difficult.

Whilst the new ways can be suitable for many things, the reality is that many problems need a more hands on approach, and don’t lend themselves to a remote method of care.

Here at ROC, we remain committed to healthcare the way you would like it, and continue to offer face to face consultations, with longer appointment times, early availability of appointments and the reassurance of the personal consultation, and all that brings, from hands on examination to reading body language, all in a COVID secure environment.

Of course, if you prefer the video consultation or telephone consultation style, we offer that too and we are able to deploy a variety of home assessments and testing. Remote consultations may be indicated in certain circumstances.

Our experienced general practitioners will be happy to see you and discuss your medical issues.

Shortly we will be opening in Aberdeen our onsite, state of the art, radiology facilities, including X ray, mammography and later this year MRI scanner.

Expert visiting consultants from fields such as orthopaedics, gynaecology, menopause management/women’s health and paediatrics, are already running clinics or will soon do so.

We already have ultrasound up and running and ROC will truly be your one stop heath care facility, in the leafy suburbs, with ample parking with no need to negotiate city traffic.

We deal with most private insurers, but you are welcome to self-fund.

If you have any questions about how ROC can help, do get in touch.

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