The midlife health checks you should never skip

We’ve all heard the adage that “prevention is the best medicine.” In fact, it’s so true that one of the most important things you can do for your health is to get regular check-ups. You might think it’s too early for a midlife health check-up, but the truth is that this time of life offers […]

Get the healthcare you need – now

What an eighteen months or so we have all had. The world has been turned upside down and no more so than in healthcare, where traditional methods of accessing care have changed so much. The reality of the “new normal” now includes e-mail,  video and telephone consultations and getting the face-to-face contact of “old style” […]

Mind the shoulder this gardening season

The garden centres are open, life is easing, and many of us are looking to perk ourselves up with colourful displays in the garden. Or perhaps the golf course or tennis court beckons. But behind the excitement of tending your borders or wrestling with tricky greens, lurks the hidden danger of muscle injuries, and a […]

Challenged by Covid-19 Testing Fees Or Access To Private Healthcare?

An insight into ROC’s approach to health during the pandemic The Covid-19 pandemic is challenging individuals on many levels. The virus and its consequences are taking their toll on mental and physical wellbeing, as well as causing anxieties about the health of loved ones, job security, and the future of businesses. Additionally, individuals often face […]

Open Day ROC Clinic Aberdeen- Westhill

Networking for Businesses in need of a Responsive Occupational Health Service You are invited to our Business Open Day on Wed 6th November 2019! Register today for a 1:1 visit to our clinic. We recommend that a time is booked in advance of your visit.The success of our business is down to 3 simple core […]

ROC Health Set To Expand Its Foothold In The NE Scotland Private Health Market

ROC Clinic Aberdeen – Welcomes all to New Premises Within the last week we relocated to new enhanced premises.We welcome all visitors and any questions you may have about our services by phone 01224 515 254 or, or you can simply just walk in and talk to one of our representatives at reception. ROC […]

Five summer skin care myths

The sun is beginning to make its appearance and the British summer is certainly under way. Before you whip those arms and legs out and inflate the paddling pool, it is worth quickly familiarising yourself with the following myths around staying sun safe. 1. Sun exposure increases the risk of skin cancer – TRUE Over […]

Are you apple shaped? Metabolic Syndrome is a possibility

Apple shaped bodies, carry more weight around their waist and unlike the pear-shaped ones, have a higher risk for metabolic syndrome and all its consequences. An apple-shaped body is a classic signal for metabolic syndrome. If you are concerned about your weight, its distribution and you would like to be assessed, staff at ROC Clinic […]

Not so killer heels – Bunions and their treatment through keyhole surgery/minimally invasive surgery

My experience as a doctor over the last 15 years or so has taught me many things about cause and effect in medicine – smoking kills, sugar rots teeth, too much sun can burn! Today I’m writing about one that isn’t true. The myth of high heels causing bunions! For all of you, high heel […]

Head Lice, Nits and Head Lice Treatments

What are Head Lice and What are Nits? Head lice are the insects that live in the hair, nits are the empty white sacs where the lice eggs have hatched from which are attached to a hair shaft using a strong glue-like substance making them difficult to remove. A usual outbreak contains about 30 lice […]